AREA NEAR NEW DEHLI, INDIAinternational competition

People on project:
  • Danil Ovcharenko
  • Fedor Troitsky
  • Natalia Yurkova
  • Aleksandra Avramenko
  • Nikolai Lim

Concept for Multifunctional Zone consists of 3 parts:

1. The Bridge–building – sophisticatedly interconnects workspaces and residential volumes.

The It component is located between Apartments and Hotel towers. Every day the residents of the Hotel and Apartments towers travel to a workplaces and for their daily businesses into the volumes of the IT Center. The It Component streamlines this transition, acting as a diaphragm, a bridge between Apartments and Hotel towers maintaining the connection between those buildings on each floor.

The It Component consists of several subcomponents with different functionality, those are: the Incubation and Business Center, Banking Facilities, and SME offices . For most convenient differentiation, these subcomponents are separated into several physical volumes, literally - boxes, which are vertically separated on the gallery interconnecting the hotel and the apartments.

Each box is a flexible space with height from 2 to 4 floors. The gallery acts as a public space for pedestrian traffic and recreational facilities, it also contains a smoke-controlled stairs, elevators and escalators, that merges all of the boxes and the gallery into a solid IT Component Plate.

2. Maximum panoramic views from each volume of multifunctional complex.

The Hotel and Apartments towers are placed diagonally to each other maintaining the better insolation and maximum panoramic views. Therefore each of these volumes is bi-oriented to the river and to the highway without interfering with each other. The bend of the It Component Plate gives it's inhabitants the panoramic views on the river and on the fields behind the highway, it also improves a quality of natural lighting conditions.

Better watch then read! Video which briefly describes the ideas behind the project.

3. Comfort and convenient pedestrian traffic routes between buildings of the Multifunctional Zone.

The pedestrian traffic routes run across the multi-function area at a ground level. For better communication the long promenade runs underneath all of the IT Zone volumes.

Moving along the promenade, one can access all functional areas, by the use of elevators and escalators. Retail zone (shops, restaurants and cafes), is located along this promenade. The large open air yards are placed between the blocks of retail zone. Serving as source of natural light, those courtyards are also recreational zones with a trees and water basins. From these yards, a spiral ramps and escalators go up to the green stylobate roof which is also serves as a public space and a park.