Community Lifestyle Plaza is a fullfledged public city center, offering a unique communication experience, recreation and shopping, changing in accordance with the current distriict needs.

The core of the project will be the market space combined with a restaurant area and a pop-up stores - a kind of “urban living” open and multi-pronged functional space, to develop the idea of a new boundless experience of using the building and its services.

Due to its volume and the internal layout in it can pass several events designed for different audiences and tasks simultaneously. The ideological basis for living are flexibility and speed of transformation of services on the ground floor. The space will fill a lot of divergent and dissimilar streams of users of various types of services.


Community Lifestyle Plaza service transformation will be carried out via residents by a communication with eplatform (network management model). All service operators will be integrated into a single information space that allows visitors not only to obtain information about the cost and details of the work, but also to participate in the vote, evaluating, selecting, the following pop-up points. This solution will enable Plaza to be flexible, adaptive and personalized service space, meet the requirements of visitors and world trends.

This kind of control will be beneficial both for the residents (they receive necessary services in own district in accordance with current needs) and retailers (their product is guaranteed to be in demand).

Plaza will combine several basic functions (trade, public space, cultural, office, residential areas) and will be an environment where people live, work, play, consume and where the visitor can play an important role in the creation of the programm.

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