Renovation of Old Russian
Consulate in Hakodate

Hakodate, Japaninternational competitioncompetition finalist3rd place

People on project:
  • Nikolai Lim
  • Dmitry Vodovatov
  • Alina Denisova
  • Evegeniy Shulyate'ev
  • Natalia Red'kina

Period Reminiscences

The Old Russian Consulate site in Hakodate was built in 1908 and lived its functional life up to 1944.

We approach it as a kind of a witness and a participant of Hakodate community’s life of that particular period.

The objective of our Competition Proposal is to turn the site into an exhibition space for Period Reminiscences.

Right now it is difficult to foresee what particular period in Hakodate community’s life and what particular type of Hakodate citizens’ reminiscences would be the focusing point for the future exhibition space curators.

We suggest a straightforward approach as a starting point:

Let it be an exhibition of 1908 – 1944 period b/w family photographs, cinema posters, magazine cartoons, fashion graphics etc. brought here by Hakodate people.

Let period music sound all around; let some period movies be projected; let the personnel be dressed in particular period robes; let a tea party be served as close as possible to the actual Hakodate people period reminiscences.

It is not too difficult to transform this approach to any other particular period in Hakodate citizen’s everyday life reminiscences – let it be the late 1950-s Sputnik era or 1980-s Cyberpunk. And the renovated Old Russian Consulate site will serve just as a basic framework for it.

We can not predict any particular details at this stage of the Project. It is an “open end” proposal.

However, we see the Period Reminiscences approach as an organized Hakodate people citizen’s initiative effort mainly.

在函館市旧ロシア領事館の改造 所在地 函館市船見町17番3 「思い出時代」