Monument Of Victory

A national monument marking the Red Army's victory over Nazi Germany,
Netanya, Israelinternational competition

People on project:
  • Nikolai Lim
  • Aleksandra Avramenko
  • Fedor Troitsky

Monument Of Victory

The Monument concept suggests vertical multi-level and multi-figure sculptural composition, which "germinates" from a dark closed space underground up to the sunlight and up to the sky.

While sculptural figures at the bottom levels of the composition are cast of bronze, figures at its top level are cast of sparkling glass. While they are bronze human figures in the beginning, in the dark closed space underground, they turn into birds made of glass when they soar high into the sky.

This transition – from Darkness to Light, from monumentalbronze to transparent weightless glass, from closed man-made space to the heavenly sky, from human beings to birds – makes the key metaphor.

The architectural space around the sculptural composition is organized in a way to emphasize the metaphor used. The Monument's main level area, which is raised above the ground, provides an opportunity for people to look or to descend below, into the darkness, or ascend up to the sun after the birds. Here the architectural solution suggests an additional sub-metaphor of "choice" which every man faces during his life. In cruel wartime the quintessence of this making choice procedure is the choice between Freedom or Death.

Alternatively, entering inside the monument through the doors on the ground level, suggests us following the intrinsic logic of the sculptural story vertical development from the very beginning and thus reproducing the fundamental human route from the Depth of Darkness .

The important detail of this metaphorical route is also a sun-ray from above, which still penetrates the depth of the Darkness and thus permanently shows us a pathway to the Kingdom of Light, a pathway to Victory.

The materials used in construction follow the logic of the basic metaphor development too. While the ground and underground level construction uses massive concrete structure clad in "aged" steel, its upper level exploits shining metal mirror effects.