Centro Cultural Chapultepec

Guadalajara, Mexicainternational competition

People on project:
  • Dmitry Vodovatov
  • Nikolai Lim
  • Evegeniy Shulyate'ev
  • Elena Palieva


Modern cultural center is first of all an innovation project. In an urban context it is supposed to be a new symbol of a city iconography, a new socially significant place, a new center of attraction, which is to change the flows in the urban environment.

Modern culture is characterized by permanent increase of information, by appearance of a new creative approaches and cultural trends. A cultural center is a place of getting and exchanging information. The principal points in such centers are the ways of transmitting information about culture, the access to the information and the clarity of the person’s movement to the works of art.

Exhibit halls are integrated into one united space. The rampant is both part of the exhibition area and the main rout of viewing the exposition. Such planning allows a more flexible usage of the whole area and provides you a contextual comprehension of each item.

The Restaurant is placed on the roof top. It gives a picturesque view of the whole avenue.

The Eastern and the Western Facades are of concrete. It was made to avoid the building’s overheating. This walls and the overlay are the main bearing elements.

The two covers inside are also individual frame bearing elements.

The Northern facade has glazing that is fixed to a metal frame. This façade is supposed to be the main as we orient the entrance to the Lerdo Tejada Street.

We also applied “green” technologies in our project. The Southern facade and the velarium of the Restaurant, placed on the roof top, are covered with spherical micro solar cells, which were recently developed by Japanese company “Kyosemi”. These solar cells are capable of capturing sunlight from all directions. This technology is considered to be very economical, saving up to 45% of energy.

Technical data

  • Building area — 982,4 sq.m.
  • Construction area — 5563,2 sq.m.
  • Parking area — 3756 sq.m.
  • Building height — 22,6 m.
  • Building volume — 29893 cub.m.
  • Number of stores — 5
  • Paving area — 191,5 sq.m.
  • Area of gardening — 533,7 sq.m.
  • Plot area — 1251,95 sq.m.